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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Photography

So I've decided to try and sell my photography on Etsy. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that it will do well. I'm hoping it does because photography is my main passion, I fell in love with it when I turned 16, and become even more so after I took a few college courses on it. To sell my photography would be a dream! Here are the first 2 photos that I've listed:

Take Me Back

I Would Walk

I Dream In Layers

What do you think?

6 Entries:

SpinachNPeace said...

your photography is amazing! you have a unique perspective.

BeadedTail said...

Incredible photography!

Karma by Morgan said...


Grooveycrafts said...

I love them, I did a photography course for about 6 weeks (on satureday)and loved it but everything that could go wrong did go wrong for me as it was where you develope photographs yourself.

I hope you do well with these as everyone has such a unique style. Maybe you could think of turning some into sets of note cards. I know the baby foot one will be great for a christening, new baby etc...

BlenderBach said...

Beautiful! I love them!

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

BabyLyons, that little pigger is soooo cute! I'm a moosh for baby feet!lol and the title is purrrrfect!
I hope your new venture takes off well, looks awesome to me! =>