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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Time To Change

Time To Change
Set of 10 square black and gold buttons -$3- Coral and Citrine -$35- E V E N I N G in P A R I S -$34-
Apothecary bottle - P. Gentian -$35- Muriel Pendant -$3- Keychain Wristlet Key Fob Gold and Black -$6-
Understated Elegance Hairpins -$8- Midnight Treasure Earrings -$45- black and gold easter egg -$15-
Murray Hill - Designer Pendant -$9.95- 8 Vintage Buttons - Black and Gold Bling -$8- starry - cool gold etched vintage lucite stars -$3-

3 Entries:

Marie said...

Beautiful..What a lovely array..

rachel said...

great colors... I think they would go well with the clothes I just blogged about :)

esque said...

Very beautiful! The colors are so soothing!