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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Venturing Out...

So I've decided to try something new. I'm pretty excited about it...what is this absolutely amazingly, wonderful-y, um....cool-ly(okay my mind drew a complete blank on those last two) thing I'm going to do you ask? I'm putting my designs onto stickers and refrigerator magnets. So, good idea, bad idea, advice, anything you guys want to say about it feel free.

Here's the pics (they link back to the item):

Set of 3 Hoppy Frog Refrigerator Magnets -$3- Set of 6 RingGlass Stickers -$2.50- Set of 3 British Flag Punk Skull Refrigerator Magnets -$3-

3 Entries:

Bunny B said...

Oh! Those are too cute! I love your designs! They'd certainly cheer up anything it's stuck on.

Anonymous said...

I love magnets and those are so colorful and cute. You are talented.

storybeader said...

think a new 'medium' is a good idea! everyone loves magnets, and there's a lot of scrapbookers (forget what they call that?!?) out there.