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Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Do You Want

What Do You Want
Burnt MAPLE Wood STARS...black and white beads -$20- Ordinary People Make Weapons Of Mass Destruction-Original ACEO  -$6.50- Rustic Cufflinks -$18-
CUSTOM COLLAGE ARTWORK Using Your Own Photos-Various Sizes -$250- small hand built purple pinchpot with legs -$3- This is what you see - Ltd Edition Poster -$20-
HobbyCat by P Miller -$40- Betty Necklace -$59- iguazu falls/SALE -$170-
Too Sweet - Recycled Unique top with handpainted skull -$70- Spicy Mustard Hat -$20- purple sandstone pendant -$20-

2 Entries:

Anitra Cameron said...

What a beautiful treasury--such unique items. You've captured a flavor not usually tasted on Etsy.

Grooveycrafts said...

I've looked through the first page of your blog and absoutely love these collections of items that you've put together, the colours are great. I also love the shoe one as its something different to the usual you see on etsy front pages.