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Friday, June 6, 2008

Winners List

Winners List
Winners, if I cannot get a hold of you, e-mail me at babylyons [at] live.com please
  • The 7th Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 17th--spiersrp
  • The 17th Etsy Giveaway--Ended July 14th--Shannon
  • The 6th Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 14th--Eileen
  • The 16th Etsy Giveaway--Ended July 12th--KLM39
  • The 5th Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 9th--Brooke
  • The 4th Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 7th--Sandra
  • The 3rd Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 6th--kara
  • An Artist's Giveaway--Ended July 5th--Tabby
  • The 2nd Mommy Giveaway--Ended July 5th--Molly C.
  • A Painted Giveaway--Ended July 2nd--Andrea
  • A Beaded Giveaway--Ended June 30th--fidofido
  • A Mommy Giveaway--Ended June 30th--Carole
  • A Jeweled Giveaway--Ended June 28th--jennem
  • A Zany Giveaway--Ended June 25th--blueviolet
  • A Crocheted Giveaway--Ended June 23rd--Nodin's Nest
  • A Heart of Gold Giveaway--Ended June 21st--cstironkat
  • A Crafty Giveaway--Ended June 18th--Eloise C.
  • A Handspun Giveaway--Ended June 16th--Sunshine Mama
  • A Giveaway Just For Me--Ended June 14th--robynl
  • My Mini Giveaway--Ended June 12th--CanCan
  • A Simply Sweet Giveaway--Ended June 11th--bison61
  • A Cozy Little Giveaway--Ended June 5th--Pancak

3 Entries:

Anonymous said...

Oh, when will the agony of knowing who the winner of the sweet treat is be all over? when oh when? how long must i wait for the chance of a morsel?

CanCan said...

Hooray! I'm so happy I won the fabric ring!

fidofido said...

Thank you so much for the beaded blue and green necklace from magyarbeader.etsy.com it is even cooler in person!