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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 1st Mommy Review

The 1st Mommy Review

Today is the 1st of a series of Mommy Reviews! For this first one I am very excited to be reviewing a great business called Stuff for Sprouts: "Fun, natural skin care for kids. Because kids shouldn't crunch." Read on for a promotional code for 15% off your order!

Stuff for Sprouts was created when Kristin Bassick had one heck of a time uncrunchifying her children, "Sprout" and "Tater".

"Poor Sprout had the crunchiest legs and the crispiest chapped...well, face really. And little Tater had the reddest cheeks and flakiest elbows. And the options we faced were gross and greasy, or weird and smelly, or pink and sparkly. And because it is the sort of thing I do, I bought it all and tried it all. And at the end of the day, the kids were still crispy and crunchy and chapped, and sometimes slightly glittery. So, armed with my new knowledge (I can make stuff!), and the problem-solving skills that my Dad always said I had, I set off to find the solution."

And thus, Stuff for Sprouts was born. And am I happy it was. I got the chance to try her Blueberry Muffin Cream and her Chocolate "Lip Stuff", and I have to tell you, it is amazing. Yes, I tried it on me as well as my little guy because Calvin can't talk to tell me how amazing it is, and I just couldn't resist using it for myself!

First of all, have you noticed with a lot of body creams, that when you put it on, you can feel slightly, shall I say, sticky afterwards. Plus, at least with me, it tends to irritate my skin. Mainly my legs after shaving because I can get razorburn really bad, and then I pile on the lotion to try to soften my legs, and, well, it's just painful, and my legs get red, and it really defeats the purpose of the lotion in the first place.

Well this, I am happy to say, didn't happen at all with her Blueberry Cream. First thing to note, it smells delicous, truly like a blueberry muffin. Yummy! :) I put the cream on my legs and it went on so smooth and silky and light. I didn't feel sticky and gross afterwards, I actually felt clean. Amazing! And I put it on Calvin promptly after and couldn't stop holding him and smelling him and touching him. Needless to say, he got pretty irritated with all the Mommy Love and did his "Velociraptor" yell at me.

Next, the Chocolate Lip Stuff. Seriously, smells just like an ooey gooey, extra chocolately, "this will definitely go straight to my thighs" brownie. In otherwords, heaven. Now, I only tried this on me because Calvin's not in need of lip balm yet. But when he is, I'm using this stuff. It's not your usual tiny little pathetic lip balm. It's made wide so you can do a fast and easy swipe on the lips. AND, the amazing part, it actually moisturizes your lips! And they stay moisturized even when you've long since talked, licked, or kissed away your lip balm. (I know you all lick your lips too, don't deny it!)

My lips usually are always so dry, and I have an addiction to lip balms. Lip balms that dry my lips so I'll need to use them more, so I'll then need to buy them more and so on and so forth. I'm happy to say Kristin is not out to bleed you dry like a lot of the big companies. She's actually here to help our children (and us, in my case) get uncrunchy! And stay that way.

So head on over to Stuff For Sprouts and uncrunchify your kids (and yourself!) Plus, Kristin is giving my readers a 15% discount off of your order if at checkout you enter the code: BBYGIV15
This code will be good until the end of July!

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