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Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Interested in doing a Giveaway and/or Review with 'The Giveaway'? Contact me at:
babylyons [at] live.com

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Here's what my previous giveaway sponsors are saying:

"Katie kept me informed as to when the giveaway was up and any details that were needed. I appreciated that contestants had to go to my site to enter. And, I really enjoyed being able to see all the comments that people left about my product line."
- Jill Chuckas

"Participating in the giveaway from Bablyons was so much fun! It drove tons of traffic and interest to my boutique and the feedback I recieved was phenomenal. It was very exciting to read the comments and see what products caught the readers eyes. I would be more than happy to do another giveaway for Babylyons in the future."
Posh-a-Bye Baby Boutique

"Babylyons is a wonderful blog, and participating in the giveaway was a terrific way to get my new product in front of mommies across the US. The comments that I received from parents who visited the www.nomiebaby.com site were terrific and the feedback was great. Babylyons reaches the perfect target audience. I look forward to hearing more from the bloggers! "
Best, Katie

"Our BabyLyons giveaway drove literally hundreds of people to our site, and more than a few sales. We can't wait to do the next one!"
-Danny & Aurelia
The Frog and the Princess

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